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Regional Council Of Lower Normandy.

This is one of the best place to get you started on your journey of castles and gambling.

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Europe’s Most Colourful Destinations

Europe’s Most Colourful Destinations

           Europe is home to one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. It can be a rainbow ride when it comes to visiting some of the most picturesque destinations in Europe. The vibrant views and picture-perfect town roads will leave you wanting to extend your Summerbay Resort holiday. We have got you a list of some of the most colourful destinations in Europe:

Burano, Venice– The island of Burano is a perfect eye-candy for anyone looking for colours. It is only a gondola ride away from Venice and is famous for its collection of colourful buildings. The vibrant colours attract photographers and artists alike and are a sight for sore eyes.

sore eyes

Zalipie, Poland – Zalipie is one of the most beautiful villages in Europe. All the houses, bridges, barns, buildings, interiors etc. are painted in floral folk art, which is a traditional custom dating back centuries. According to legends, women began painting on cottage walls to cover up the smoke marks from the burning stoves.

Costa Nova, Portugal– Costa Nova is famous for its striped beach houses that look extremely pretty from the shoreline. The beach houses were constructed in the 19th century to accommodate an influx of fishers. These shelters were used to store fishing equipment and sardine salting. As the population grew, owners transformed them into accommodations.

Čičmany, Slovakia – Čičmany is the world’s first-ever folk architecture reserve. Čičmany’s homes pop with sugar-like decoration dusted all over it. Around 200 years ago, women started coating the houses with white lime to protect the timber from the sun’s ray. However, after a fire, locals started painting the cottages with intricate designs and patterns inspired by the traditional folk embroidery seen on Slovakian national costumes.

Júzcar, Spain – Júzcar is an incredibly blue village in Spain. It wasn’t always this way. One of the villages was slathered in bright blue paint for the promotion of the movie ‘Smurfs 3D’. The residents liked the bright blue paint so much that they decided to keep it that way.

Júzcar, Spain 

Stein am Rhein, Switzerland – The Rathausplatz (Town Hall) in Stein am Rhein in Switzerland is framed by several ancient buildings that are plastered in murals depicting themes such as wine and warfare. It originally started in the 1500s when the landlords wanted to decorate the place and make it look pretty. However, the tradition continues. The residents consider it their civic duty to keep the artworks in a beautiful state. The building owners commit to keeping it in its pristine state.


Casino betting

Casino betting

Casino betting or simply gambling is for of betting where cash is exchanged for casino chips with which a gambler plays one among the various card betting games played in a casino, some of these ace 4d live games include blackjack, poker and rummy. These are basic card games in which the players place his bets and the money pool goes to the winner in each round. The players also get a chance to raise their stakes if the feel that they have been dealt a good hand and have a good chance of winning the round. The hand that you are dealt with refers to the type of cards you have been dealt and your chances of winning the round depend on how good the hand is and some other factors. Even though raising the stakes is often done to lure the opponent into raising his stakes so that you end up winning more money but it is also done as a way of intimidating your opponent into folding his cards and keeping his bet while you win the round irrespective of how good or bad your hand is. Although casino betting is usually done using chips, they often extend into a rage-fuelled betting spree where the gambler bets his valuables, car or even his house in order to try and win back what he has already lost, sometimes they work but most times the gambler ends up losing everything. Casino betting or gambling is so prominent throughout the world because they provide an opportunity for gamblers to win big. Here are some of the best casino betting destinations around the world.


Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas’s reputation in the gambling industry is undisputed and it is the best destination for gambling in the world.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Although LA is very close to Vegas, it is still a very popular destination for locals and tourists alike. It has high-end posh casinos where one can wash away all his wealth without thinking twice. Los Angeles is also famous for producing some of the best poker players in the world.

Paris, France

As online betting and gambling was illegal in France, the local casinos flourished as they were the only place where gamblers could come and satisfy their appetite. Although Paris is famous for its beautiful locations, casinos are one of its major attractions and was, is and always will be one of the major sources of income .



When you hear about Bahamas ace 4d live result, gambling isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind, it only fills with amazing sunsets in the tropical paradise but surprisingly gambling is something Bahamas is really good for. The hosts the “Poker stars Caribbean tournament” every year at the Atlantis paradise resort.

Marina Bay, Singapore

Marina bay is a huge place with gambling options everywhere, they have one of the worlds largest casinos with over 2500 rooms , multiple arcades, swimming pools , bars and other amenities. It is also one of the most luxurious gambling destinations in the world with billions and billions of dollars being spent every year on its improvement and marketing to earn a major profit.

10 Types of Horse Betting

10 Types of Horse Betting

There are so many versions of horse racing, and each race allows different types of horse bettings asia casino pro. You can choose from different wagers ranging from single to multiples casino house. If you are at a race event to support your favorite jockey or horse, you can have fun and place single small bets on your horse for the moral boost. But if you are looking for more than just entertainment, here are some of the bets you can place in horse racing.

Single – Double – Treble

Simple straight wager to win a bet placed on a single dafabet รีวิว event. It allows minimum bets but also does not offer higher multiples on winnings. A double is single bets on outcomes in two different events, and both bets must be won to get a return. Treble is the single bets on three different outcomes where all three bets must be won to get a return.



A bet which allows three selections and four bets which are three doubles and a treble. A minimum of two selection wins is required to guarantee a return.


A bet which involves three selections and seven bets which include three single bets, three double bets and one treble. It is similar to a Trixie, but it adds three more singles to it. A minimum of two selection wins is required to guarantee a return.


A bet which consists of four selections and 11 bets which include sex doubles, four trebles, and a fourfold. A minimum of two selection wins is required to guarantee a return.


Canadian is a type of yankee which allows bet on five selections consisting of 26 bets including ten doubles, ten trebles, five fourfolds and a five-fold accumulator. It is also known as Super Yankee.

Lucky 31

It is a wager which consists of five selections and 31 bets which include five singles, ten doublts, ten trebles, five fourfolds, and one fivefold. You can get a guaranteed return for one selection win.


Heinz consists of six-selection bet consisting of 57 bets which include 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, six fivefold and a one sixfold accumulator. The name was after the company Heinz due to the 57 varieties. This 57 bet wager unique because it combines every permutation from all the selections into one single wager.

Lucky 63

Lucky 63 consist

Lucky 63 consists of 63 bets which include six singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, six fivefolds and one sixfold.


Alphabet is a bet on six selections composed of 26 bets which include two patents(14 bets), one yankee (11 bets) and a sixfold accumulator(one bet).

Round Robin

The round robin is a three selection wager which has three bets namely three doubes, one treble, and three up-and-down single stakes about pairs.

Harry Potter Filming Locations That You Should Visit

Harry Potter Filming Locations That You Should Visit

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, you have definitely come to the perfect place because in this guide I will be listing out some amazing and also beautiful places which they used for the filming of many scenes for the Harry Potter movies. Well, if you are ever in the United Kingdom, I advice that you set aside some time to visit some of these places which is certainly take you back to when you were watching the movies and enjoying them. I personally still enjoy the movies, and I always have a Harry Potter book with me when I travel.

Harry Potter was actually filmed in a lot of places in England and Scotland as well, and I have listed out a couple of those places here. The reason that they filmed in the United Kingdom was because the cast was majorly British and naturally filming there was decided.


  • Leandenhall Market in London is a beautifully covered market in the magnificent city. It is in the center of the City of London. You can go here for free, and it is also one of their oldest markets because it has been there since the 14th century. They used this location for a few Diagon Alley scenes even though they had built a set of the entire Diagon Alley which you can actually visit if you go to Warner Bros studios Harry Potter tour in London.
  • Kings Cross Station is where the infamous scenes where our heroes go through the wall on platform 9 ¾ and the other side greets them with the Hogwarts Express. It is indeed a magical portal in the movie which can only be accessed by magical people. Kings Cross was used for filming in multiple movies. The place was mainly used in parts 1, 5 and 8. Harry and Dumbledore have a conversation on one of the platforms here.

platforms here.

  • This one is not a filming location, but you should visit this place no matter what. The Warner Bros Harry Potter tour will transport you and surprise you as well. I had happy tears when I was there.
  • Oxford University was actually used for some scenes, especially the hallway scene in Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince where Harry has a word with Minerva. It was used in Part 1 as well.
  • The Gloucester Cathedral was famously used for some scenes in parts 1, 2 and 6.
  • The Alnwick Castle and the ground are actually very beautiful, and they were indeed used in the first two Harry Potter movies.
  • The Scottish Highlands were a huge part of some exploration scenes in the movies.


living art

 the spirit of the festival

This place is always looking into having the right spirit for the festival life.