Europe is home to one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. It can be a rainbow ride when it comes to visiting some of the most picturesque destinations in Europe. The vibrant views and picture-perfect town roads will leave you wanting to extend your holiday. We have got you a list of some of the most colourful destinations in Europe:

Burano, Venice– The island of Burano is a perfect eye-candy for anyone looking for colours. It is only a gondola ride away from Venice and is famous for its collection of colourful buildings. The vibrant colours attract photographers and artists alike and are a sight for sore eyes.

sore eyes

Zalipie, Poland – Zalipie is one of the most beautiful villages in Europe. All the houses, bridges, barns, buildings, interiors etc. are painted in floral folk art, which is a traditional custom dating back centuries. According to legends, women began painting on cottage walls to cover up the smoke marks from the burning stoves.

Costa Nova, Portugal– Costa Nova is famous for its striped beach houses that look extremely pretty from the shoreline. The beach houses were constructed in the 19th century to accommodate an influx of fishers. These shelters were used to store fishing equipment and sardine salting. As the population grew, owners transformed them into accommodations.

Čičmany, Slovakia – Čičmany is the world’s first-ever folk architecture reserve. Čičmany’s homes pop with sugar-like decoration dusted all over it. Around 200 years ago, women started coating the houses with white lime to protect the timber from the sun’s ray. However, after a fire, locals started painting the cottages with intricate designs and patterns inspired by the traditional folk embroidery seen on Slovakian national costumes.

Júzcar, Spain – Júzcar is an incredibly blue village in Spain. It wasn’t always this way. One of the villages was slathered in bright blue paint for the promotion of the movie ‘Smurfs 3D’. The residents liked the bright blue paint so much that they decided to keep it that way.

Júzcar, Spain 

Stein am Rhein, Switzerland – The Rathausplatz (Town Hall) in Stein am Rhein in Switzerland is framed by several ancient buildings that are plastered in murals depicting themes such as wine and warfare. It originally started in the 1500s when the landlords wanted to decorate the place and make it look pretty. However, the tradition continues. The residents consider it their civic duty to keep the artworks in a beautiful state. The building owners commit to keeping it in its pristine state.